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   15.12.2013         R.I.P. Ray Price (1926 - 2013)

   31.08.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: Live at Dognvill Festival

               in Tromso (NOR) 30. August 2013


   14.08.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: The Killer Returns To Europe - 2013

   10.08.2013         R.I.P. ´Cowboy´Jack Clement (1931 - 2013)

   25.07.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: CD-Review´Gas Station Flowers´- MAVERICK (UK), July/August 2013

   22.07.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Today...30 Years Ago - Killer & Orion On Stage Together

   04.06.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: New DVD - 27th Music Pioneer Awards

   03.06.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: New Album ´Gas Station Flowers´ Review - Rock´n Roll MusicMagazine, June 2013

   31.05.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: Fire-Ball Mail Album Review ´Gas Station Flowers´ by Martin Bates

   25.05.2013         R.I.P. Marshall Lytle (1933 - 2013)

   20.05.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: ´Norway In May Tour 2013´- The First Impressions

   14.05.2013         Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: Live at 3rd Annual of the Arkansas Delta Rockabilly

               Festival on 11. May 2013 in Helena, AR - In Pictures


   12.05.2013         Little Richard: Congrats to Dr. Penniman!

   06.05.2013         Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: Live in Columbus, MS - In Pictures

   06.05.2013         Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: Live at Jerry Lee Lewis´Cafe & Honky Tonk

   02.05.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: New Band Member

   28.04.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: The Cafe & Honky Tonk Opening

               Parade at Beale Street in Memphis on 27. April 2013 in Pictures


   27.04.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: Special Radio Broadcast on KHXI-FM 99.9

   27.04.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Opens Up About His Life And New Cafe On Beale

   26.04.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, Annie Marie Dolan & The Memphis Beats:

               Live at Beale Street Music Festival 2011 - The Full Show Video!


   26.04.2013         George Jones (1931 - 2013) R.I.P.


   17.04.2013         Eddie Cochran: A sad day 53 years ago....Memories by Vince Eager

   16.04.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Cafe & Honky Tonk Opening and Interview

   12.04.2013         Chuck Berry: South American Tour 2013

   04.04.2013       Linda Gail Lewis: New Album´GAS STATION FLOWERS´- First Edition is SOLD OUT!

   31.03.2013         Little Richard: Live at Viva Las Vergas 2013

   30.03.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: Gas Station Flowers - Radio Special by DJ Fran (Spain 29. March 2013)

   25.03.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: *Jammin´Jerry Lee* - The Book Of Poetry (2013)

   12.03.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Today....20 Years Ago

   11.03.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: New Album´Gas Station Flowers´- A First Review

   10.03.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: First Wedding Anniversary

   08.03.2013         Claude King (1923 - 2013) Rest In Peace

   28.02.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Live at Beale Street Music Festival 2013 in Memphis

   28.02.2013         In  Memory  Of  Blake Baker  Cunningham  jr. (1942 - 2012)

   28.02.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Today .... 40 Years Ago - ´The Session´album got released!

   26.02.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Club to open in May on Beale

   26.02.2013         Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: Winter Tour 2013 - The Finnish Part

   25.02.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: New Video Clip from late 60´s!

   25.02.2013         Chuck Berry: Live in Moscow 24. February 2013

   20.02.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: .....feat. on Rebel Dean´s new Album *Rebellion*

   15.02.2013         Linda Gail Lewis: The New Album ´Gas Station Flowers´- Special-Pre-Order

   26.01.2013         Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: On Tour 2013 - The First Preview

   19.01.2013         Jerry Lee Lewis: Today!....40 Years Ago...The First Show At The Grand Ole Opry

   26.12.2012         Linda Gail Lewis: The New Album 'Gas Station Flowers' - Pre-View

   23.12.2012         Jerry Lee Lewis & Linda Gail Lewis: New duet - You Are My Sunshine

   21.12.2012         Linda Gail Lewis & Chas Hodges: Maggie's Blue Suede News Magazine - January 2013






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