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Where: Amsterdam (Paradiso)
When: June 26, 2005
Written by: Sebastiaan Roelands

Set list:

1) Roll Over Beethoven
2) What's Made Milwaukee Famous
3) Rockin' My Life Away
4) Me And Bobby McGee
5) Don’t Put No Headstone On My Grave
6) Johnny B. Goode
7) Georgia On My Mind
8) Chantilly Lace
9) Another Place Another Time
10) Before The Night Is Over
11)Trouble In Mind
12) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
13) Great Balls Of Fire

Jerry at the Paradiso
Picture: Jeroen van Aernsbergen
Pictures section for more pictures

At 8.55 pm the band entered the stage. Kenneth Lovelace introduced the band members: "On the electric base guitar, from Memphis, TN: BB Cunningham. On the drums, from Memphis, TN: Robert Hall. On the electric lead guitar, also from Memphis: Buck Hutcheson." BB introduced Ken: "The man in his brand new suit with the electric guitar, from Nashville, TN: Kenneth Lovelace."

Kenny played a song someone requested: My Babe. The band started playing all at once (I didn't see or hear anyone counting off), and from the very first second it was great, great Rock & Roll. Robert Hall did Honey Don't, Buck did a rocked up country song called I'm a Farmer, and BB did Bye Bye Johnny. It was really so great! The audience went wild during every solo Buck played.

Then I heard Kenny say: "Now... it's Showtime, ladies and gentlemen." I didn't hear the rest of what he was saying, as I was too busy with focusing Virginia's camera on the curtain from behind which The Killer was ought to come on stage. And there he was!! He'd seemingly left his leather jacket in the dressing room, wearing a light grey T-shirt, darker grey pants and black shiny boots. When he sat down at the piano, I had such a wonderful look on his hands, I couldn't believe it. He kicked off with Roll Over Beethoven, as most of us expected, but after a few verses he changed the words, I did notice that, though I wasn't capable of listening closely to what he said; I was far too excited. Probably about the big fan in front of him, or about a light shining in his eyes, or maybe he wasn’t satisfied with the sound. He talked to someone hidden behind the curtains in front of him, but there was no reaction. The he turned around to Kenny, while still playing, and still unsatisfied, he slammed the piano lid very hard and the song was over. The people seemed to love that! I did! A bit of talking followed, people yelling to get on with the song, and he did, without any changes in the circumstances. After he had finished the song, he said: "I hope you'll enjoy the show if I won't be blown off the stage!"

Then he played this beautiful introduction to What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me). I was really very sorry that Kenny didn't have his fiddle with him. A beautiful version it sure was, with fantastic piano playing, and his voice was so powerful -- he had more power in his voice than the last 10 years I guess!! The small yodels were really perfect, much like the original 1968 studio cut... Amazing! In fact, I loved this performance of the song more than the studio original. When he cut that one, he was much younger of course, and he probably hadn’t lived this ‘Milwaukee’-life as much as he lived it since. Milwaukee was far more touching tonight than any recording I heard before. I can’t wait for the new album, which will contain this song. I thought: ‘Well, if this is gonna be his last song, I wouldn't be sad for a minute,’ just to tell you how great it was. When Milwaukee was over, he said something like: "This was a request from Wim, so I thought I'd do it as the second song, 'cause he'd shoot me if I'd forget it!" Then he turned around and called someone (I heard him call for Willem, but although there are many Willems in Holland, there didn't seem to be any Willem backstage): "Can you move that thing? [Willem!!] That thing is blowing me away!" JW Whitten rushed to the enormous fan (which was placed there because it was far too hot for Jerry Lee last year) and moved it a meter or so (about 3 or 4 feet) away. "Yeah, that's OK, now I'm able to stay here," Jerry Lee smiled. It's so good to see him smile! But really, every time I tried to take a picture of him when he was turned in our direction, he turned his back towards us, so I'm afraid Virginia has some 'back' pics on her camera now. So everybody can talk about him not being as mobile or lively as in the 60s, but when you try to take a picture of him you really find out that he can turn around as fast as a whirlwind!

He started playing rock & roll piano again, and started singing those numbers, followed by "I threw a Rock'N'Roll party on my last birthday, and it's good, baby, I'm Rockin' My Life Away!" Great song, very rockin’! In the audience, pretty much in the middle in the front was a very young kid, sitting on his daddy's shoulders. After this one he said something again, he was in a really talkative mood, not just on auto pilot kicking of the next song before the band has even finished the previous song. "Here is a song, I don't know the date that we recorded it, but it was somewhere in my life, and it was a number one hit record." He started singing about flat tires in Baton Rouge, and Virginia and I couldn't believe our ears! He was doing Me And Bobby McGee!! Not very fast, but very powerful though. Magnificent Kris Kristofferson song. I think it was on this song that Jerry Lee leaned back while playing his Rock & Roll piano break. The audience was screaming with joy and Jerry Lee loved it. But when the 'ladada'-part was to come, he stopped. "You know, I feel a bit silly singing all this 'Ladada, ladadaladee'. I asked Kris Kristofferson why he put that in the song, and Kris said: 'Well... yeah, you know, it's just 'Ladadee, deedee'... That's what she says, 'Ladada, ladadee, deedee'.' "

He was really in a great mood, enjoying himself very much, he looked happy, he was really making fun! He also talked about his age (probably not after Bobby McGee, I think earlier): “I am 50 years old. I know that, but people tell me I'm 59 years old. But I'm 50. Then other people tell me I'm 69 years old. Well, somebody must be making a mistake there... I'm 69 years old, and I know it, and it won't be very long... and I get 70... My mother used to tell me: ‘Father Time forgets nobody -- Not even you, Jerry Lee!’”

The crowd shouted very StarClub-like ‘Jerry! Jerry!’ After that, there was a little silence, so Folke shouted for 'Down The Line', and I for 'Hadacol Boogie'. He did Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave. The greatest blues song he has ever recorded, as far as I'm concerned, and it was really great. One of the best live performances, only to be beaten by the show(s) he had this enormous big band behind him, in 1973. Funny about this song was that when he usually speeds up, he just kept it going on in the same pace. I saw Robert smile about that. The fast part of the song wasn't forgotten or anything, it really came, and it was great, the first slow part was just extended. He ended with: "I don't want no headstone on my grave... I want a monument!" The audience started screaming, so probably most people didn't hear him specify his wishes: "A big, golden monument".

The sound of everything was good. However, after No Headstone he leaned back, playing some notes with his right hand, and tuning the volume of the piano. He had a big smile on his face when it sounded even better then!

After that one, he did Johnny B. Goode, with a great guitar solo by Buck. Buck was really having a ball tonight; during his Rock & Roll solos he was really hoppin' 'n boppin' around. When Jerry Lee sang "Johnny be good, and bring some money home tonight" the crowd went wild again. They really loved him!! Every time he sings about Jerry Lee Lewis everybody starts applauding and screaming. They absolutely love him!!!

You know, we Dutch folks love country ballads too, so when he started playing Georgia On My Mind, we were all fulfilled with satisfaction too. Great song, I think it's even better than Ray Charles's (studio) version.

Now after Georgia there was a short silence too, and someone close to the stage requested a song, and Jerry Lee said "Request a reasonable song now", so Folke and I requested ‘Down The Line’ and ‘Hadacol Boogie’ again, but then he said "Hello". I was really so very amazed by this... How on earth can a man say hello that loud and powerful? Don't worry about the Killer being blown off stage, take care of that fan now! Chantilly Lace, one of his best known super hits in Holland, really drove the crowd wild. This was about the first live version I have heard (and I heard quite a few of them on tape) that is better than the studio record. His introduction to the song was pretty different from his usual performances, but I didn't hear what he said, as I was still trembling on my knees of that "Helloooooo!!!!".

I couldn't believe my ears when he started playing his big country hit Another Place, Another Time. I haven't heard him do that song in concert often, and this one was absolutely beautiful! Playing the piano solo with just his two middle fingers, making it sound as if he's playing with all ten his fingers, or more.

"This is from my new album. It should be released within a month. I've been saying that for four years now." The people appreciated that and made such a lot of noise of applause and laughing that Jerry Lee had to wait a few seconds to get on: "But now we can get the money, now that the divorce is final, and the record company can release it." I was afraid he was going to do Before The Night Is Over, the song I like least of all the live recordings I have, and he did it. And it was good. Very good! I love the song now!! When it was over, he turned around to Kenny. After a little chat, he told us he just "explained to Kenny here I didn't mean to cut the song short without his guitar break. Not that I'm afraid to hear his guitar solo, but I was so much into the song, I just ... played." (He made a gesture with his hand to the piano keys.) By the way, his articulation also amazed me: there are many songs of which I never could find out what he was singing exactly. Not that I had any problem with that; I thought it was really cool, in fact. Many artists try to make you understand the words very well, but they lose the musical feeling with that perfect articulation. But not Jerry Lee! On quite a few parts of some lyrics I understood all the words for the first time. For example what he says after Before The Night Is Over: “L-O-V-E: Love!” And his singing was still fantastic!

"What key was that in?" he joked to Kenny, before playing Trouble In Mind. I tried to watch his piano playing, as it is amazing on the original studio cut from 1973 (I know there are two pianos on that one). It's beautiful, but not the highlight of the show. Don't ask me what the highlight was to me, because I loved every second of it, of everything!

Right after Trouble In Mind he hit the boogie woogie of Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. This was much, much better than when he played it at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame earlier this year. Of course, Kenny and Buck play much better guitar than Eric Clapton! Apart from that, Jerry Lee's voice wasn't as high as on the Hall Of Fame performance. Very loud, very strong, very clear and very steady. After he said “easy now, let’s get it down real low” Robert probably eased it down too much, and Jerry Lee said: “Keep that beat goin’, son!” Jerry Lee hadn’t finished these words before Robert was right back in the right beat again, with a big smile. After Whole Lotta Shakin' Virginia was hoping he was going to play Over the Rainbow, but as always he jumped into Great Balls Of Fire, ending it with kicking the stool back, which rolled some two meters away, with its legs in the air. Jerry Lee didn't rush off stage, not at all. Just relaxed, still enjoying his own performance and the audience. It was such a great show!! I am really blessed to have this one as my first ever Jerry Lee Lewis show. I really start to believe now, that he was right, when he said "But the Lord knows, I haven't reached my prime" back in 1980. As much as he has improved since, say, 2000, is amazing! Nothing about just giving shows for the money. He loves it! We love it! When will he be back???


After we saw Jerry Lee leave the stage we forced our way through the crowd. Everybody was looking very happy; big smiles everywhere! I guess about one out of four people at the venue was younger than 25. As the band was playing on, some guys just in front of the doors were dancing to the music like the people on the London Rock & Roll Show in 1972. We went straight to the hotel, and we were just half a minute earlier than our Hero. We went inside, to wait in the hall. Tore strode in; he was very excited, and said: “He’s right behind me! He’s right behind me!” Jerry Lee came out of the car, with his people around him (he had his leather jacket on again), but stood right still in front of me (that was funny, it seemed as if he was fooling with his bodyguards, as they walked on, unknowing that Jerry Lee wasn’t with them anymore), talking to everyone. I don't know what he said, I was just so very excited he stood there, that I stepped forward and we shook hands. His right hand in both my hands. As soon as I let him go he was surrounded by his men again, and they disappeared into the elevator. Great to shake the Master's hand, but I'm sorry that I was the only one, as there were many others there too... Hopefully they'll be just as lucky as me the next time! The way he looked and sounded tonight he can put on another 50 years of shows!


Where: Amsterdam (Paradiso)
When: June 26, 2005
Written by: Daniel White

 What a fantastic show last night and start to the tour! It really was breathtaking and genius stuff. Jerry was all round, absolutely superb! (BEWARE: It’s quite long)


After arriving at around 15.00pm in the Leidseplien area of Amsterdam from the UK, my family (Including my Dad (Darren White), Mom, Sister and five year old Brother Shane) and myself immediately made our way over to Jerry’s hotel, as Kenny was expecting us with a present for his wonderful wife Jo-Anne. I went up to the desk and asked for a “Mr Kenneth Lovelace” and the kind lady of the reception put me onto, yes, Kenny himself. It really was amazing stuff, I was actually speaking to Kenny Lovelace himself on the phone. This was good enough for me and I knew the day could only get better!

Kenny came down with Buck and we chatted for a while. Kenny told us how he would be wearing a new suit tonight and that the band and Jerry were in fine shape, very happy to be here and of course ready to rock ‘n’ roll. He is so very friendly and a great person to be with, perhaps the friendliest person I have ever met. Buck, too, is extremely kind and friendly and seemed to be having a wonderful time. We were all running a little late and had to pick up two other members of our family, my Auntie and Uncle, so we missed the planned sound check.

We then decided to go to the JLL party over at The “Three Sisters…” On the way, we met TEX, Niek and BB, great to meet you guys! As always, TEX is so very friendly and nice to meet and be with, as is BB who is always smiling and Niek who we had met for the first time. Niek is a fantastic piano player!

In The “Three Sisters…” we met a guy who played Jerry Lee’s music on the piano note perfect, we didn’t quite catch his name but My Dad and Uncle played and sang with him right until the doors of the Paradiso opened, finishing with a Star-Club type version of “What’d I Say?” Everyone was having a cracking time and didn’t want it to end. I know there were quite a few people filming this, it sure would be great if some of it surfaced. I hope some of you reading remember them both, my Dad was wearing a black jacket and has a bald head and was singing and my Uncle is larger in size and has a long beard and was playing the piano. Folke was sitting near by so I went and said hello. Great to meet you mate! He told me that Jerry had arrived earlier than expected - Always expect the unexpected with The Killer. Sebastian and Virginia were with him, but I didn’t know at the time and also didn’t know what each of them looked like. We will definitely meet next time - I am so glad that all of you had such as good a time as I have had!

The “Three Sisters…” was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I thought it was amazing how there were so many people from around the world, whether they were English, American, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, etc, here because they all had one thing in common, the love of Jerry Lee Lewis and his music. It really was great and everyone was so happy to be here.

The time was now around 16.30pm and leaving my family in The “Three Sisters…,” I camped on the steps of the Paradiso for about three hours in order to get a good spot near the stage.


The doors of the Paradiso opened on time and so I immediately took my place at the stage, just slightly to the right off centre so I could see Jerry’s face. My family joined me shortly and unfortunately my Brother must have been so tired from the travelling because he had fallen asleep.

At around 20.55pm, the band, consisting of Kenny, Buck, BB and Robert Hall came on stage and after their introductions, Kenny went into the requested “My Babe.” Kenny is certainly a good singer and as we know, one of the greatest guitar and fiddle players ever. After recognising us, Kenny regularly looked over to us all throughout the show, nodding his appreciation to us all having such a rockin’ time. It was then Robert’s turn on the drums with “Honey Don’t.” He really let loose on those drums and when you concentrate on him, you really do realise how good a drummer he really is. He has now of course been with Jerry for eight years. One of the highlights of the show were the band’s excitement and enthusiasm, especially Buck who looked very smart in his suit. He played “I’m A Fireman” with some great riffs and I remember my Dad saying, “That’s just like the record, but more rocked up.” Last but not least, BB did “Bye Bye Johnny.” Throughout the song, BB forgot a few lines but both he and Kenny just laughed about it. Already, the night was perfect with some great rock ’n’ roll from the band. Luckily by this time, I had awoke my Brother up OK. You could then see that Kenny had had a signal from the side of the stage to tell him that the Ol’ Master was here!

We all waited so eagerly and excited and after Kenny’s introduction, around 21.12pm, there was The Killer himself, striding onto the stage, or almost bouncing rather to massive roars of the audience. (The promoter of the tour, Patrick Rocher stood by Jerry as he came on). As Jerry sat down, he did his sometimes occasional trademark with his right hand where he puts his two middle fingers down to his palms and keeps his thumb, index finger and small finger of his hand up and shakes it from side to side a little. I thought this was great and we could see that Jerry was very happy and in fine mood which just made each of the smiles on our faces wider. It really was so great and the day was just getting better and better! He was wearing a light grey T-Shirt, darker grey stylish trousers and of course shining black boots. Although Jerry did look very fragile and slightly tired, he was seemingly very, very happy and jolly and looked very healthy and fit considering a man of his age and his past lifestyle.

Jerry began the show with “Roll Over Beethoven.” Although expected, it really is a great rocker with an upbeat tempo for an opener and after seeing a clip of Jerry doing it superbly this year at Green Bay, well I was more than happy for him to open with it here and especially because he was doing it so well. But about half way through, Jerry cut it short by slamming the piano lid very hard, which the whole audience loved, after the fan in front of him was blowing too strong. He said something like, “I hope ya’ll enjoy the show if you don’t get blown away!” I think he was looking for Patrick who was no where to be seen so JW came out and adjusted it towards the crowd, for Jerry to say, “I want some of it on me!” I was a little worried at this point but Jerry didn’t let it bother him. After both adjustments were made to the fan and sound, Jerry continued the song in a very fast tempo with some unimaginable piano work. After finishing, he said, “Thanks Folks, I hope you enjoyed the show,” joking with the audience.

Jerry at the Paradiso
Picture: Max Swart
Pictures section for more pictures

 Next was a dedication to Wim De Boer “What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has made A Loser Out Of Me).” I didn’t recognise the first few seconds of the song, but after those few seconds I sure did and Jerry then reassured me with the words, “Well it’s late, and she’s waiting…” I would have expected Kenny’s fiddle introduction, but of course the fiddle wasn’t with him. Beautiful! This introduction was so very beautiful and heart felt, as was the remainder of the song, it really did create a special atmosphere where everyone was seemingly feeling something, me personally for Jerry Lee, just thinking about him and his life and watching him now in the year of 2005 at the age of 69. Right from the very first time I heard this song, I loved it! I can’t wait for the new version on the upcoming album. The song was played to perfection with Jerry’s voice being extremely powerful and some amazing piano. I would have come just for this one song.

A fantastic version of “Rockin My Life Away” followed in very fast pace and with some wild piano work, most notably in the ‘rapping(?)’ verse which was very strong in voice and again fast. Jerry does really seem to enjoy this song, as does all of us and was happy to talk to the audience prior to starting it. During this song and many other times throughout the show, Jerry kept looking at both myself, very often my Sister, as I suppose he doesn’t see many young girls often at his shows and of course his youngest Jerry Lee Lewis fan today, my Brother Shane, who was now sitting on my Dad’s shoulders, waving his hands and with a huge smile on his face, simply watching in ore! He really does love Jerry’s music and this was his first show. Jerry was quite happy for people to take pictures and often nodded and posed a little while playing a number. I love that expression on his face with his eyes and mouth and when he puts his head back, while pounding the piano at the same time, as if to say, “I am God!” (Ha Ha).

Next was my favourite Kris Krisofferson written, Jerry Lee song, “Me And Bobby McGee.” Another surprise for the night and my Mom’s favourite. We just couldn’t believe it! Jerry played it in a mediocre pace but with some very nice piano work and strong vocals. He left out the last part saying he didn’t like it and that he didn’t know why Kris had included it in the song.

After saying, “That’s a good song” to Kenny and hearing Folke’s request for “Down The Line,” Jerry went straight into his greatest and my favourite blues number “No Headstone On My Grave.” His piano playing was fantastic and Buck produced a great solo on the guitar. He really was having a wonderful time and you could see it from the huge wide smile on his face. Just as Jerry was about to go into the part where he rocks it up, he decides to carry on playing at the same pace, funnily, but don’t worry, he sure did rock it up eventually and the audience went wild, finishing I think with, “I want a monument!” He may have said his usual great “I want a big, golden monument!” but I’m not sure.

Jerry really was having such a great time and seemed to have bags and bags of energy. He was so very happy and was truly enjoying himself and was in such a jolly mood, regularly talking and joking with the audience. He said something to the effect of “I am 50 years old ladies and gentlemen…other people tell me I’m 59 years old but I know I’m 50. Then other people say I am 69 years old…I am 69 years old and I know it and it won’t be very long…until I am 70...” And not to forget, his voice was very strong and his piano playing was absolutely superb! “Johnny B. Goode” was next with two fantastic guitar solos from Kenny and Buck and the song itself was fairly long with some superb changed lyrics.

Following was the beautiful “Georgia On My Mind.” What a great song. The studio cut is magnificent and I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jerry play or sing this song badly in his career. More great guitar picking from Kenny and Jerry on the piano with a nice break.

I thought now was a good time to shout out a request so I went for my usual “I’m On Fire” unfortunately, I don’t think it was heard. Even my Brother was trying to shout out a few of his favourites, “Ubangi Stomp,” “You Can Have Her” and “Old Black Joe” (Ha Ha) in his cute little voice. Instead it was, “Hellooooo, you good looking thang you…” Yes, “Chantilly Lace.” Jerry was very wild playing this, both in his singing and playing, it really was so very great with the audience screaming and loving every second. One of the best versions I have heard for a long time.

“Here now is another number one hit record…I’m not sure when…but it was somewhere along my life…” It was the beautiful “Another Place, Another Time.” It had the same effect on the audience as with “What’s Made Milwaukee Famous.” It was so very beautiful with all round lovely country music. Fantastic solos from both Jerry Lee and Kenny - My favourite country song and one of many highlights for me.

“Before The Night Is Over” was introduced as a number from the upcoming album. “This is from my new album. It should be released within a month. I’ve been saying that for four years now.” I never really did like the studio cut of this song but this new upbeat, funky version which Jerry has been playing now for a few years is superb, it really is a good one and Jerry seems to really get into it and enjoy it himself.

Following this was “Trouble In Mind.” Like “Georgia On My Mind,” Jerry always performs this well live with some amazing piano breaks and all round great blues.

The highlight of all highlights for me on the night was Jerry’s version of “Whole Lotta Shakin” I haven’t heard Jerry’s recent renditions of “Whole Lotta Shakin,’” but this one was pure mind blowing and out of this world. It was fast and after the various “Come On (s)” and “Let’s go one time,” Jerry pounded that piano like there was no tomorrow. He pounded it so hard and loud, but still so very well, that I think he was finding it hard to keep the volume of his voice up with piano.

Jerry finished with his usual “Great Balls Of Fire.” Half way through the song, My Dad, Brother, Sister and myself left for the back entrance in order to try and meet our Hero.

45 hot minutes. Of all the Jerry Lee Lewis shows I have been to and I thought Bristol last year was tremendous, this is by far the greatest live show.


A small crowd gathered at the back entrance and we were all so very excited, especially my Brother, and then Jerry himself walked out with Phoebe, JW, Patrick, etc, not looking very tired at all and very happy. By this time, he had put his black leather jacket on. He said to JW, something like, “What did you think?” JW replied, “Fantastic!” and Jerry replied back “I know it was fantastic!” Great stuff. Then JW and Phoebe had seen my Brother and said, “Let the boy through!” My Dad held my Brother through and Jerry took his small hands into his and said, “I saw you, hello, Baby Killer!” It was absolutely amazing and still so very hard to believe. I then reached through as Jerry was getting into the car and amazingly shook his hand too and said how good I thought the show was and he replied, “Thank you.” I then met Phoebe and JW and spoke to them shortly (I really am so very, very happy). I overheard Phoebe saying as they got into the car, “Oh no, he’s got chocolate” (Meaning Jerry Lee).

The car then left so I decided to sprint around to the hotel and wait for Jerry. Folke and Maarten were there. Great to meet you my friend. Jerry arrived to an applauding crowd outside and we were inside. I waited near the elevator and as Jerry approached me, I asked him politely for a photo but Patrick and a few others were rushing him quickly into the elevator, so he said, “That boy wants a picture!” He said this a few times but they continued pushing him into the lift away from the fans. He then kind of looked at me as if to say, “I am very sorry, but my hands are tied up.” They finally got him into the lift and you could still hear Jerry saying, “That boy wanted a picture!” So I said, “It’s OK Jerry” and put my thumb up and he replied with a Godly like nod of his head and smiled. I tried to stand in the path of the elevator with my back to Jerry and took the picture myself so we merged together with Jerry in the background. It really was so great and feels so good to be this happy, especially for my Brother.

I will remember this special experience forever! Roll on the Paradiso next year!

The Killer rocks on!

Thanks Maarten for allowing me to share my experience and excitement with all of you other great Jerry Lee Lewis fans reading. And thanks to Graham Knight and TEX for making many of the non - show dreams come true!



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