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Brussels, Belgium (Forest National)
When: March 15, 2007
Written by: Joffrey Stroy



Paris France (Palais des congrès)
When: March 12, 2007
Written by: Pierre Pennone



New York City (BB King's Blues Club & Grill)
When: January 19, 2007
Written by: Jim McKenna and Sebastiaan Roelands



Airway Heights, WA (Northern Quest Casino)
When: January 14, 2007
Written by: Rocky Lee





Owensboro, KY (Executive Inn)
When: November 4, 2006
Written by: Barry and Terry Ridley



New York City (Taping  of PBS TV special "Great Performances" at Sony Studios
When: September 28 and 29, 2006
Written by: Bill Taylor, Kay Martin and Don Gervasi



London, Shepherd's Bush Empire 
When: August 12, 2006
Written by: Ian Holton and Tony Papard



Clapham, Rhythm  Festival
When: August 6, 2006
Written by: Daniel White



Bobital, Festival des  Terre Neuvas
When: July 8, 2006
Written by: Wolfgang Guhl



Paris, Olympia
When: June 16, 2006
Written by: Joerg Basler, Folke Myrvang, Wolfgang Guhl and Sebastiaan  Roelands



Kansas City, Folly Theater
When: June 9, 2006
Written by: Rick Murray



Memphis, Beale Street  Music Festival
When: May 6, 2006
Written by: Emma Connolly



 Niagara Falls, Canada (Niagara Fallsview Casino)
When: April 20 and 22, 2006
Written by: Laine



 New York City (BB King's Blues Club & Grill)
When: April 15, 2006
Written by: Jim McKenna



Bocholt, Germany (Kinodrom)
When: March 10, 2006
Written by: Sebastiaan Roelands and Wolfgang Guhl



Munich, Germany (Philharmonie)
When: March 8, 2006
Written by: Niek van de Klundert and Wolfgang Guhl



Farum, Denmark (Farum Arena)
When: March 3, 2006
Written by: Folke Myrvang



 Belterra, Indiana (Belterra Casino)
When: February 25, 2006
Written by: Folke Myrvang



 North Bethesda, Maryland (Strathmore Theatre)
When: January 20, 2006
Written by: Bill Taylor



 Florence, Alabama (Mariott  Shoals Resort & Conference Center)
When: January 7, 2006
Written by: Lloyd Daughtery






 Gulfport, Mississippi (Grand Casino Gulfport)
When: August 28, 2005
Written by: Becky Ford



 Marksville, Louisiana (Paragon Casino Resort)
When:  August 6, 2005
Written by: Becky Ford



Chautauqua, New  York (Chautauqua Institution)
When: July 15, 2005
Written by: Elaine Cole and Jerry Johnson



Pistoia (Pistoia Blues Festival)
When: July 10, 2005
Written by: Emilio Vitelli



Nice (Theatre de Verdure)
When: July 6, 2005
Written by: Pierre Pennone, Niek van de Klundert and Maarten van der Tol



Saint Etienne  (Palais Des Spectacles)
When: July 4, 2005
Written by: Jean-Pierre Haemmerli



Lyon - Villeurbanne, France (Transbordeur)
When: June 30, 2005
Written by: Joerg Basler and Pierre Pennone



Paris, France (le  Bataclan)
When: June 28, 2005
Written by: Folke Myrvang



Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Paradiso)
When: June 26, 2005
Written by: Sebastiaan Roelands




Lancaster, Pennsylvania (American  Music Theatre)
When: May 6, 2005
Written by: Bill Taylor, Don Gervasi, Virginia and Elaine Cole



Memphis, Beale Street  Music Festival
When: April 30, 2005
Written by: Lacy Jae




Green Bay, Wisconsin
When: April 12, 2005
Written by: Colin Davies and Ross Warner



Rock and Roll  Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
When: March 14, 2005
Written by:
Kay Martin



 Recording Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award
When: February 12, 2005
Written by:
Kay Martin





Phoenix, Arizona (Celebrity Theatre)
When: October 29, 2004
Written by: Bruce Gollubier and Steve Montgomery



Sofia, Bulgaria (Palace of Culture)
When: October 18, 2004
Written by: George Tsintsarski, Pavel Petkov and Charlie T.B.C.



Prague, Czech Republic (Lucerna)
When: October 14, 2004
Written by: Manfred Grassauer and  Peter Molecz



Paris, France (le Bataclan)
When: October 11, 2004
Written by: Folke Myrvang



Divonne, France (Casino de Divonne)
When: October 9, 2004
Written by: Joerg Basler



Toulouse, France (Havana Café)
When: October 8, 2004
Written by:
Rock-Mann and Amadeo Pujol Badia




Gretna, Louisiana (Gretna Heritage Festival)
When: October 2, 2004
Written by: Rockin' Lee Andy



Florence, Indiana (Belterra Casino & Resort)
When: September 25, 2004
Written by: Folke Myrvang




Anaheim, California (House of Blues)
When: August 28, 2004
Written by: Steve Montgomery



Lemoore, California (The  Palace Indian Gaming Center)
When: August 26, 2004
Written by: Joerg Basler and Steve Montgomery



Las Vegas, Nevada (Aladdin  Casino & Resort)
When: August 20, 2004
Written by: Steve Montgomery



New Orleans, Louisiana (House of Blues)
When: August 7, 2004



Bristol, England (Colston Hall)
When: July 14, 2004
Written by: Scott Doran, Chris Davies and Phil Davies



Liverpool, England (Empire Theatre)
When: July 11, 2004
Written by: Scott Doran



Manchester, Englan (Opera House  Manchester)
When: July 10, 2004
Written by: Richard Harvey and Scott Doran



Brighton, England
When: July 7, 2004
Written by: Tony Papard



Portsmouth, England (the Guildhall)
When: July 6, 2004
Written by: Tony Papard



London, England (Royal Festival Hall)
When: July 2, 2004
Writetn by: Peter Checksfield, Tony Papard and Tim Tooher



Bradford, England (Bradford Town & Country Club)
When: June 29, 2004
Written by: Rob Eaglesham



Wolverhampton, England (Civic  Hall)
When: June 28, 2004
Written by: Scott Doran, Chris Davies



Purchase, New York (Performing Arts Center)
When: April 30, 2004
Written by: Kay Martin



Gulfport, Mississippi (Grand Casino Gulfport)
When: April 10, 2004
Written by: Phil Davies and Steve Montgomery



Short comments on the UK / Netherlands tour 2004
When: February 20th - March 1st, 2004
Written by: Several fans



Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Paradiso)
When: March 1, 2004
Written by: TEX (The Travelin' Man), Wolfgang Guhl and Folke Myrvang



Glasgow, Scotland (Clyde Auditorium)
When: February 24, 2004
Written by: Graham Knight



Perthshire, Scotland (Gleneagles Hotel)
When: February 21th, 2004
Written by: Graham Knight and Kay Martin






California, USA
When: July 1994
Written by: Chris Davies



Erlanger, Kentucky
When: March 31, 1967
Written by: Screamin' Dee Snoble



Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland
When: November 13, 1966
Written by: Pierre Pennone



Birmingham, London, Stevenage and London, England
When: November 6, 7, 9 and 11, 1966
Written by: Tony Papard






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