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The Jerry Lee Lewis International Fanclub

Members of the Jerry Lee Lewis International Fanclub receive the bimonthly magazine 'Fire Ball Mail', with news, pictures, exclusive reports and colums written by long-time  Jerry Lee Lewis fans. If you would like to join the fanclub, you can contact the president (and founder) Wim de Boer:

Wim de Boer
Jan Hendrikxstraat 22
5684 XJ  Best
the Netherlands
phone: +31-(0)49-9373125

If you have any questions on how to  subscribe, you can also contact the vice-presidentPierre Pennone.

Many members of the Jerry Lee Lewis  International Fanclub have joined the Yahoo! Forum JerryLeeLewisIFC, set up byKay Martin. This is a  lively online forum in which many issues related to Jerry Lee Lewis are discussed.



Last update: August 17, 2007
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