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JLL European tour February/March 2007

JLL Jerry & his fans

JLL European tour March 2006

JLL European tour summer 2005

JLL Tour UK / the Netherlands 2004

JLL Fire Ball Mail Convention 2003

JLL Birthday Convention 2002

JLL Birthday Convention 2001

JLL Jerry in 2000 and beyond

JLL Jerry in the 90's

JLL Jerry in the 80's

JLL Jerry in the 70's and before

JLL Lewis Museum

JLL  From the collection of TEX (The Travelin' Man)

JLL Miscellaneous












European tour February/March 2007


Jerry & his fans


European tour March 2006


Jerry  in 2000 and beyond


 European tour summer 2005


Jerry in the 90's


 Tour  UK / the Netherlands 2004


Jerry in the 80's


 Fire Ball Mail Convention 2003


Jerry in the 70's and before


 Birthday Convention 2002


 Lewis Museum


 Birthday Convention 2001


 From  the collection of TEX (The Travelin' Man)







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