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Where: Bristol (Colston Hall)
When: July 14, 2004

Set list:

1) Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
2) Lucille
3) You Win Again
4) Before The Night Is Over
5) Sweet Little Sixteen
6) Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave
7) Roll Over Beethoven
8) Chantilly Lace
9) Mexicali Rose
10) CC Rider
11) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
12) Great Balls fo Fire

Jerry Lee Lewis in Bristol
Picture: Scott Doran

Scott Doran:
Last night's was the best Jerry Lee show I have seen. He came on stage and apologised for being late, he got stuck in traffic. He seemed in a wonderful mood. He was also very close to the audience, unlike all the other shows the piano was at the front of stage rather than then back like Manchester and Liverpool etc. He was on stage for 35 minutes.

He seemed to have so much energy last night. I think it must be all the fizzy pop he drinks, the sugar must go to his head. He played one of the best versions of Headstone I have ever heard and that is my favourite Jerry Lee song.

He was wearing a black pinstripe suit and a red shirt underneath, he looked rock n roll. He made me laugh when he told the sound guy off "Everybody thinks they're Sam Phillips and you can't turn a few knobs" lol the sound man looked embarrassed :-).

Chris Davies:
Bristol tonight was FANTASTIC!

Jerry put on a mesmerizing show tonight. The piano playing was WILD -  lots of impossible playing, swoops, sweeps, fingers flashing up and down the keys!!! Lucille was faster than usual and crammed full of percussive and bluesy playing. Beautiful version of You Win Again "you've been out in Bristol running round...". Stunning solo with echoes of Sun ! The best version of Headstone with the most exciting solo I have seen for many years in the uptempo section! Roll Over Beethoven featured moments of pure ecstasy as the sound and energy lifted me out of my seat! Linda Gail was singing along at the side of the stage and smiling all the way through Jerry's show - she was having a great time! Shakin' and Great Balls of Fire had 'em dancing in the aisles and kneeling at the foot of the stage - standing ovations after both songs!!!

Jerry may be 68 but his piano playing has not slowed down one bit - he is AMAZING!


Where: Bristol (Colston Hall)
When: July 14, 2004
Written by: Phil Davies

Opening act Sugar Creek Trio were full of rockabilly flash and pizazz, guitarist played some cool Gallup licks on the Vincent songs and two dazzling intros by Link Wray and Joe Maphis. Tall cool one on bass looked and sounded sharp on the Horton songs, fine versions of Slim Harpo and Diddley classics, a bit more stage craft and eye contact with the large audience needed but a fine 50 minute show. Shuddering memories of awful JLL openers in the past evaporated, roll over JD Sumner and tell Johnny Dumper the news.

Kenny and the Kennyettes strolled on to great applausea around 9:15. Kenny's opener of the old country classic Columbus Stockade Blues was a delight, Robert romped through Lonely Weekends in fine Animal of the Muppets style and BB showed old Chuckles how to tackle his catalogue, appearance of JW, Phoebe and Linda Gail at the side of the stage removed any lingering doubts about the great man's presence. Also the shuffling entry behind me of messers Gamblin & Adams meant it was showtime.

Looking sharp and focussed the Fireball strode on to a standing ovation and with a "well we finally made it" type aside bestrode the piano stool romped into Drinkin' Wine, a fine opener. The pale looking legend asked kenny to sort out his microphone lead being short due to it being stuck under the front monitor, the sound man came out to help Kenny before JLL grinned and said "that's ok Killer just leave it" proving how relaxed he was.

The opening chords of Lucille prompted a nudge from Shaun as he knows it's not one of my favs or to be precise the  plodding usual mid tempo stage version isn`t, I always liked the studio version. I was delighted when this version rocked and was more uptempo than the norm. Next we were "running out all over Bristol" and I love You  still, pause  but not TOO still" on a stellar version of ole Hank's You Win Again, dazzling solo on this, turning into a great show now.

To Pat Wall's delight a fine Before The Night Is Over was next, contrary to Lucille the current stage version knocks spots off the old Mercury discofied version. With a quick " well Chuck ain't here tonight so we'll do one of his" we rapidly zipped into a rattling good take on Sweet Little 16 lively shoulder work and plenty of high treble hammering showed the songwriter who's boss on this song. My thoughts went back to April 1960 and wondering whether Eddie Cochran had sung this on the same stage at his final gig.

My personal highlight of the night was No Headstone, as good a version as he did back in Gulfport,plenty of pyrotechnics in the solos and a well controlled and intense vocal with a great roar from the nearly sold out venue for the "monument" line.

The current version of Roll Over Beethoven is a bobbydazzler, my attempts to lure Linda Gail out with a few pleading gestures met with giggles off stage. Her older bro' Lewis again took quality solos as  the band cooked on this. Kenny played the licks he left the Five Jets for and Robert grinned and pummeled the skins in his great lively manner, the more stoical BB and Bill chug along as one.

To keep them in their place JLL caught them out with an abrupt ending to Chatiilly Lace, met with a great roar from the fans, stopping after the stuttering Nekkid,Nekkid bit whilst the band played on before the boss said hey we finished that one, embarrased grins all round. Straight into the uptempo version of Mexicali Rose making Mr Hall shed a few pounds as he pounded, a slower ending where the band stopped unsure before Jerry told Robert you can join in if you want to!

Somewhere along the way we had the great "everyone thinks he's Sam Phillips" line hurled at the sound crew, the instrumentation and vocals all sounded fine from my close seat.

A superfine laid back bluesy CC Rider gave the old Regular Stud vocals a breather before the fans erupted for what I now regard as the two song closing encore, fans piled forward in the aisle as the hallowed opening chords of Sun 267 lead the way to easy now and finger wingling, thunderous ovation at the close, just over the half hour mark. Sun 281 had some awesomely concentrated stiff wrist hammering with that oh so cool half smile/half sneer look on the Lewis lips sort of "not bad for a 68 year old living legend huh"?

With a huge grin at the end of a lengthy work out on this show stopper (and indeed it is these days) JLL acknowledged us all with a wave and off he strode to the welcoming arms of his daughter and younger sister. They looked as enthralled as the rest of us. Overall a great show, no surprises in the catalogue but all the songs were  performed with panache, no faking show biz chat and dazzling keyboard work, what more could an aging rocker want? Felt like one of the old 70s Rainbow shows.

Probably my most favourite UK show since the legendary Kings triple header. Whilst Blackpool and Manchester were great on the previous tour, the stage lighting was brighter here and the piano was closer to the stage front so there was more of a rapport with the crowd.  Jerry's relaxed demeanour coupled with the pride in playing and  singing to the best of his ability augurs well for the future. This is down to Phoebe's TLC and its wonderful to see JLL and Linda together again.

Mr Lewis is a man with a mission, rock n roll IS something special.



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