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Where: Chautauqua, New York (Chautauqua Institution)
When: July 15, 2005
Written by: Elaine Cole and Jerry Johnson

 Set list:

1) <unknown>
2) Georgia On My Mind
3)  Boogie Woogie Country Man
4)  You Win Again
5)  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
6)  Roll Over Beethoven
7)  Sweet Little Sixteen
8)  She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
9)  Whole Lotta Shaking Going On
10) Great Balls Of Fire

Show length: 38 minutes

Elaine Cole:
Thought I would let you all know that Jerry Lee was awesome last night. The band was exceptional also. The band started off with 4 songs and Jerry sang 10. I will send a set list later on as soon as I decipher my notes. I thought I would not be able to see the show as I had misplaced my ticket and could not find it. I called them and I was able to purchase another. Expensive concert! I was told when I found my ticket to send it in and they would refund my money for it. Whew!

He looked well and really happy. He joked around some and was smiling all the time. I shouted out my request (along with my daughter) for "That Lucky Old Sun" several times, but he didn't play  it. Oh, well maybe in Ohio. He stopped playing in the middle of "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You", stating "this ain't rock and roll" and jumped into "Roll Over Beethoven". A good time was had by all I think. The gentleman we sat by was very nice and moved so far over I think he was squishing himself so we could see really well. He knew people in the area I grew up also, so we had a nice conversation before the show started.

My daughter was so excited. When Jerry came out she just kind of stopped and opened her mouth and then smiled soooo big. She was in awe of him. During GBOF we ran around to where I thought he may be  coming out and I was right, as we rounded the corner there he was!!! She was going to run right up to him and the car but I held her back when I saw security, much to her dismay. There were others there that insisted that he said he would give them an autograph after the show and the security guard was holding them back. I decided I would not let her go further unless Jerry gave an ok. I almost thought so as it seemed he was trying to get the window down, but wasn't sure how to get it down???? So, we smiled and waved, and he smiled and waved back. She was excited she got so close to him though and so was I. I was going to say his name and ask but seemed to have lost my voice at that time.

As we went to our car, I wondered if he was using Jamestown airport to go back home. After I said this my daughter wanted us to go to the airport and check, but I said no. I thought he may be tired after all, it was really hot and humid. There will be another chance next month.

Jerry Johnson:
The band took the stage at 8:15, right on time. It was festival seating and they didn't open the gates until about 7:45. It was very hot and humid (90 F). I was in the 15th row center and could see Jerry's right hand only. The venue held 5000 and was almost full except around the edges. At 8:30, after 4 band songs (which were great) Jerry Lee walked on stage in a gray tee shirt. He received a standing welcome from just about everyone.

The sound mix was fine and he sounded and looked great. He appeared to be in a very good mood and was enjoying himself. He complained once about his monitor - "Quit turning my monitor down, please" and apparently the problem was fixed because he never mentioned it again. His request was polite and occured during a song, so he didn't make a big deal out of it. As the show progressed the intensity of Jerry Lee and the music in general increased, and by the middle of the show he was really rolling. The crowd was loving it also, and he received 2 standing ovations before he got to WLOSGO. He complained to Kenny  about a fan that was right in front of him that was blowing directly at him. Kenny adjusted it to the side and Jerry Lee said "Don't take it completely off me". Kenny then moved it back so that just part of the air was blowing on Jerry and Jerry approved. Again, Jerry was not mad but just amused at this incident and was quickly back to work. Jerry mention that he had just returned home from Europe and that the time change felt like it hit him right in the middle of the forehead which he demonstrated with his fist. Of course he finished with WLOSGO and GBOF and eveyone was on their feet and really rockin'. After GBOF, he kicked his stool back and then he backed up to the keyboard and put his hands behind him on the piano as if he was going to lift himself up onto it. He looked at Kenny and then shook his head no, and began his stroll offstage. He did a little dance and bowed to the audience. He had a big grin on his face and he looked better than I had seen him look in a long time.

All in all this was an outstanding JLL performance and I am glad to see that he is looking well and that he is really enjoying what he is doing.



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