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There are three reports of the show in Farum, Denmark on March 3, 2006. These reports are written by:

Folke Myrvang

Wolfgang Guhl

Oyvind Stolefjell


Where: Farum, Denmark (Farum Arena)
When: March 3, 2006
Written by: Folke Myrvang

Set list:

The Band:
1) Columbus Stockage Blues
2) Lonely Weekends
3) Bye Bye Johnny / Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
4) Boppin' The Blues

1)   Roll Over Beethoven
2)   You Win Again
3)   Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
4)   Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave
5)   Sweet Little 16
6)   Johnny B. Goode
7)   Trouble In Mind
8)  Before The Night Is Over
9)  Touching Home
10) In the Mood
11) You Belong To Me
12) Lewis Boogie
13) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
14) Great Balls Of Fire

 Jerry Lee Lewis at the Farum Arena (March 3, 2006)
Picture: Folke Myrvang
Pictures section for more pictures of this show

Farum is just outside Copenhagen and was easy to get to. I arrived with Daniel from Norway and after lots of walking we finally caught up with the band and Christian Leibrandt. Wolfgang was sighted, but disappeared quickly. Gunilla and G÷ran as well as Hans Jabell, Perk and many other Swedish fans that I had not seen for many years were there, as well as Jan Jensen from Halden, Norway. Tore and Anne Lill was there, Steen was of course there as well as many others, Rolf & Bruno, dont get offended if I leave any out........ it was just another great night !

Daniel and I were among a group of lucky fans that had the chance to position ourselves by the sound booth, with a clear view of Jerry, as well as Ken and Buck. BB and Robert were slightly obscured, though. The sound guy normally has a good sound in his area of the venue, so it is a good place to be.

Jerry arrived in good shape, smoking a huge cigar and smiling and waving, having the bull by the horn, obviously. I had hoped that Daniel would get his autograph and a picture, but they brought Jerry backstage through another hallway, so all we got was a pic from a few meters away.

The piano was a modern electric grand that sounded fairly good for an electric, certainly better than the Yamahas Jerry used to play. Whether this was a new requirement to cope with sound problems or if it was coincidental remains to be seen later in the tour.

The guys kicked off their usual routine, Columbus Stockage Blues, Lonely Weekends, Bye Bye Johnny / Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller and Boppin' The Blues. Ken was looking for the Killer, and had to reassure the Danes that the Killer was indeed in the building. BB kicked off Sick and Tired, but was only warming it up when Jerry strode onstage puffing the cigar, stinking up the whole area, HA HA. A great entrance, wish I had been able to get a picture of it.

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN was no surprise as an opener, neither was the Hank WIlliams classic YOU WIN AGAIN, complete with Hank Williams wrote it, and ending it on bended'a knees. Jerry played long piano solos in each song, Beethoven never sounded better, what a strong voice and fast fingers!! He was sipping from his local soft drink, which was quickly replaced with a Pepsi by Gary Cunningham, BB's son who is also on the trip with his dad.

DRINKIN' WINE SPO DEE-O-DEE was next, followed by NO HEADSTONE ON MY GRAVE (I want a monument!), the occasional dry comment by the Killer and he was sipping the soft drink between most numbers. After HEADSTONE, someone shouted out a comment and Jerry quipped back that "If that wasn't rock'n'roll enough for you, I cant help you" and thundered into SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN and JOHNNY B GOODE, both in great versions with lots of piano and guitar solos.

TROUBLE IN MIND followed and then BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER; but no reference to the new album this time. He started BEFORE in a higher tempo than usual and they all fumbled around with it and found the right groove. A reprise from saturday followed with a short version of TOUCHING HOME; but with good piano work. The requests were many, but IN THE MOOD was picked up and it was the highlight of the night for me, although Jerry wanted to play it even longer it seemed when they ended it. Great solos and lots and lots of pumpin piano on this one. YOU BELONG TO ME was the next number, nice version, Jerry then said that he thought that someone might want to hear LEWIS BOOGIE and that he'd give it a try although he was not sure if he could remember all the words. He did well and threw in a few good solos as well.

Jerry seems to pace himself well these days and takes a short break between each song. After his Boogie had us going, he started to talk about the Johnny Cash movie, but was interrupted by another request. This was not the time or place, and Jerry got really pissed. He stood up and was about to leave, but Ken talked him into staying. JW was on his way out on stage to get him, but calmed down and we all watched The Killer thunder through his two big hits and then it was over. I doubt we would have been treated to much more if he hadnt been interrupted, but you never know. Would have been nice to hear Jerry do I WALK THE LINE for example.

We gathered at the hotel bar for beer and music and stories, then back to Copenhagen and Tore and I had a few more beers at a pub.

See ya'll in Munich, folks.


Where: Farum, Denmark (Farum Arena)
When: March 3, 2006
Written by: Wolfgang Guhl

I left Munich on Thursday night, having to travel 15 hours by night train to a suburb of Copenhagen, named Farum. When I arrived in Copenhagen, I was greeted by cold and snowy weather. I soon entered the S-Bahn, a regional train to get to Farum. S-Bahn system in Copenhagen is quite simply to use.  When I arrived in Farum, I reminded of my home, Kirchseeon, a suburb of Munich. Very small town, but I could see a Taxi sign. As I had no map of Farum, I depended on a Taxi. Soon the only Taxi driver in Farum arrived, a nice person. He drove me to Farum Park Hotel, the hotel I was staying at and as I soon figured out, Jerry Lee Lewis, too! The cab driver told me that he also drove Jerry to the hotel in his limousine. I asked what shape Jerry was  in and the man replied: "Fine, he was a gentleman". The band was in the hotel lobby when I arrived and the lady at the reception showed me the guest list to show her my name. I was thrilled to see my name next to the
legendary "Jerry Lee Louis" [sic]. I got to my room and tried to catch up┬  with some sleep. It did not work as I was too excited.

Show was scheduled to start at 9pm, but I already left the hotel at 6pm when Folke and Daniel were just arriving. Folke was surprised to see me leaving that early as the band just arrived from the sound check. However I felt like going and nothing could stop me. I jumped into the cab that Foke and Daniel just left only to
find, yes, the only cab driver in Farum. He drove me to Farum Arena which was at the other end of town. I told him to tell his colleagues from surrounding villages to have a few Taxis ready for after the show. Doors┬  were not open yet, but the friendly security let me in so I did not have to wait in the cold (I already had a cold!). I could catch a look into the Arena, huge place for a JLL solo show.

About 90 minutes after I arrived doors finally opened and I entered the Arena. It was 19:30 and the place was
empty (to quote the new Rolling Stones song). Peter Hayman and Pam were among the first to arrive. I gave him his Frankfurt tickets and had a nice chat with him and Pam. He is such a nice guy, the greatest Jerry Lee Lewis fan in the world. He just sits there, enjoys and analyzes the show and writes fantastic reviews (for
Fire Ball Mail, MvdT). Certain people think they are friends with Jerry, but this guy loves Jerry like no other person. While I was still talking to Peter, a support act (Janis Joplin impersonator) entered the stage and started singing to the about 20 people that were already there. Very nice. I got to my seat where I had a nice overview. Soon all the JLL fans dropped in. Mattias Bruhn whom I met previously, Stefan Persson (very nice!) and the legendary Svein Amundsen! What a nice and funny character! The support act closed her show at around 20:30 with a solid version of "Me And Bobby McGhee", a song I would love to hear Jerry do in Munich. At that time, maybe 200 people arrived at a place that holds 3000. Where were all these people?!? The Jerry Lee Lewis show was supposed to start at 21:00, but at that time there were still lots of people missing. Then like a group of elephants thousands of people started to flood the place. This took about 20┬  more minutes and it soon became obvious that there was a problem with the tickets. Whole section were empty while about 50 people were standing in front of the stage. They soon filled the empty sections, advised by the strict security which went nuts when I tried to make a picture during Jerry's show.

So after a 50-minute intermission, Jerry's band could finally start the show. Their numbers were played with great enthusiasm, especially by Buck! After the 4th song, Kenny and everyone expected to see Jerry, but  let us wait a little longer. It was during B.B. Cunningham's "Sick And Tired" that a frail Jerry Lee Lewis finally entered the stage with a pipe in his mouth. He sat down at what was a electric Midi Grand Piano as Peter
Hayman told me. He saw Jerry with that kind of piano before and the sound was very clear and not for a minute Jerry had a problem with the sound even though he was first sceptical when he saw that little thing. He looked frail and except for his fingers his body did not move, but the music was fantastic.

He opened with a extra-long "Roll Over Beethoven" which had me bopping on my seat. During the song, I decided to call my family, so they could hear a bit of the show. They thought it was fantastic, too! Yeah,
"Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news"!!! "You Win Again" followed. "Drinkinin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee" was played more blues orientated than usual. It sounded great. The Legend was on fire. A few words on the audience now... it was the worst!! I was sitting at the stairs and just about every minutes someone was leaving or returning with more beer. They can drink as much as they like, too, but I think it is disrespectful to
others and especially to Jerry Lee Lewis, not to be able to sit on a seat for a few precious minutes. Man, is beer their only life content?!? Behind me there was a beer drinkin' woman, who was talking all the time. I was ready to tell her "I paid to hear Jerry Lee Lewis and not your bullshit talk!!", but the problem was soon resolved as I left for another seat closer to the stage. 5 minutes later that woman puked all over my previous seat. Uuuuuugh

 "No Headstone On My Grave" was sung with great emotion. "It was fun for you, for Jerry Lee is was torture". Jerry really put feeling into the show. Two more rocking Berry numbers followed. A strong "Sweet Little
Sixteen" and a extended surprise version of "Johnny B. Goode". "Trouble In Mind" and "Before The Night Is Over" were next and the latter one especially applied to the younger folks in my section. Funky! "Touching Home" and then, a fantastic instrumental, "In The Mood". A solid "You Belong To Me" and by request "Lewis Boogie". The audience loved it. After "Lewis Boogie" Jerry stood up, looking a little unwell. I feard the show might be over. But he sat down and two more incredible energetic versions of "Whole Lotta Shakin'
Going On" and a movie-style "Great Balls Of Fire". After exactly 60 minutes (!!!), Jerry stood up without kicking the piano stool back and helped offstage by JW Whitten. He took a short bow and waved into the audience.

I immediately left the place, jumping into a cab, getting back to Farum Park Hotel. There was Jerry in the lobby and and I saw him close as never before. I stood directly in front of him. Everyone approached him, but he just looked tired. If I said something, it was "Thank you". "Thank you" for all the hours of music, "Thank you" for being Jerry Lee Lewis, "Thank you" for performing the best show I have ever seen him do. No one dared to ask for an autograph or picture, I think out of respect as Jerry was tired. Phoebe was there to help him walk and to support him. She protects him for a reason. He is not in good shape. Phoebe genuinely cares for her daddy, that was obvious to me. Rolf Bresser, who is a gentleman and who sent me two free tickets for Munich (I would like to point that out!) complained "They should give you a real piano", but Jerry showed no reaction. Phoebe replied what Jerry was probably thinking, "He likes his little piano". Then they slowly entered the elevator. I think Jerry would love to meet young folks like Daniel, Scott, Oyvind and maybe myself, but not after the show. Everyone who cares for Jerry will understand that.


Where: Farum, Denmark (Farum Arena)
When: March 3, 2006
Written by: Oyvind Stolefjell

The band started a song as Kenny said the welcome greeting, but it was unfamiliar to me. Maybe Columbus Stockade Blues (I did not hear the words too well). I could hear the sound adjustments though. The guys did very well. Excuse me if this is not the correct order. Robert Hall did his Charlie Rich vocal on Lonely Weekends, and BB sang Bye Bye Johnny B Goode. As I had seen some footage of the bands warm up in Amsterdam, 2005, I hoped Buck Hutcheson would do The Fireman! Kenny introduced another song for him, but Buck wanted to do Boppin' The Blues instead. I don't care so much for that song though it was a great version. Buck is really an artist and a very nice singer. Kenny and Buck played several solos and the band
sounded good. And the mixing was good. At least where we were seated back on the 17th row on the floor.

"Jerry Lee is in the building" Kenny told the audience. There was no response at all for some reason. And BB started his second song of the evening. Sick and Tired, when Jerry Lee appeared from the right of the stage to a huge cheer from the people. He walked over to the piano with his cigar (and laid it on the little el-piano. "Kenny is afraid I'll burn the piano.") I immediately noticed that he moved kind of slower now than when I first saw him in Falun, 2000. He tore sraight into Roll Over Beethoven, in the same key as BB was playing
his Sick and Tired (which was stopped when Jerry arrived onstage). From where we were at he looked good and things like that, his skin color seemed fine as I thought he was kind of pale. I really could not see much from back there. AND... his voice sounded fantastic! More like the late eighties than what I have heard on some recordings from recent years. I was surprised. Due to the echo, it was hard to hear if he sang with all clean tones without stumbling around here and there. The general audience dug his singing too, I bet. Jerry turned away from the mike to cough, I noticed. He also drank water or something from a bottle on his amp.

Next, I believe he spoke his familiar introduction to You Win Again. It was a good version, and the piano was loud! Just perfect I thought anyway. Kenny and Buck were turned down a little too much. Kenny was great on his guitar, and his solos ...are simply fabulous. Buck switched from country to R&R licks and sounded great too. Jerry started off Touching Home, in the wrong key! It did not suit his voice at all. He managed to sing in the wrong key half way through, and then switched to the right one! And the band followed him. I loved it when he started off Before the Night Is Over. I like that song a lot, and it is a little different from what he usually plays. Jerry did a solid version. And a great version of No Headstone On My Grave as well. Absolutely one of my favourite songs! Jerry's piano playing is not as creative as it once was, still, what he played was terrific! He said something like "Somebody want to hear Lewis Boogie, I can't promise I will remember all the words." I think he did, as a matter of fact. I recorded this with my cell phone, so I'll check it out. Afterwards he said "It's been years since we did that song."

Sometimes between songs, I got a little worried, because it seemed like he did not know what to do next. Maybe it was to stretch out the show a little, and get some rest. He talked some, and cracked a couple of jokes. "If I wanted to dance, I'd do it. If I don't want to, I would not dance. Singing: It's my party, I'd dance if I want to.." Something like that. I wish I could remember the exact words... Some time during the show we got a slower than usual and marvellous Drinking Wine! Just how I think the song should be done by a 70 year old Jerry. Slow and space to catch up his breath. This is why he sings this song much better now than in the late 90s. It's a demanding song with lots of words. A few number later, Jerry decided to do Johnny B Goode. And as he sang: "Down in Louisiana close to New Orleans..." I thought was about to do Drinkin' Wine over again. "You better be good tonight!" ... outro.. and a there we had a nice rocking version of a classic. The R&R fans with combed hair and leather jackets were probably satisfied with this one! I was, it was a little more up-tempo than usual. Just the way I like it, again. I was really glad to hear Trouble In Mind, I personally like such slow bluesy songs. And this version was 194 times better than the Willie Nelson Special version!

Also, I have to mention that Jerry got mad about one guy in the audience up front. Still got the attitude and temper it seems. He said something like "Shut your mouth... this boy is getting on my nerves!" He also said something to BB, along the lines of "I'll play what I want to." He did an instrumental boogie woogie, with the In
the Mood melody on two or three verses. All the while, Jerry was moving slow, and the energy level was probably not as high as it could have been on Saturday. I mean, if it had been a show in his home state, he probably would have been rested up and more ready. I absolutely DON'T think anybody should complain about show lengths, and the resting days in between. He is 70 years old and he needs it. Jerry Lee Lewis is Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry Lee Lewis is not Bruce Springsteen. All in all it was VERY exiting to see the Killer! And the people in Farum Arena seemed happy and appeared to enjoy it all! Sweet Little Sixteen was done in the regular tempo with the regular piano solo. I liked the version very much, but I am not convinced it is a suitable song for him. (England 1958, etc.)

One thing that surprised us all was when Jerry got up from his piano after announcing the show is over and that he'll leave, and, "we had a great time." Kenny came over and they talked, and Jerry sat down again and did his hits. They were by far the most energetic of the evening. Whole Lot of Shakin first, then Great Balls of Fire. I have no idea why this happened. It was even weirder as the hall was totally silent when it appeared like he was going to walk offstage. Was something wrong with the sound... Was he fed up, did he feel unwell? Nobody knew. As far as I could see, he did not kick over the stool at the end of Great Balls of Fire. He just stood up, got his cigar, and walked over to the right of the stage where JW Whitten came over and guided Jerry off the stage. Just before he disappeared, he turned around and greeted the audience, who gave one┬  of several standing applauses.

The arena lights came on immediately, and we left for hour hotel. It was a good concert, and he really did very well! I admire the guy, at the same time as I feel kind of worried... Does he enjoy it, and is he up for it? Maybe somebody who had the opportunity to come backstage, and has seen or talked to him there, can give a
description of that part.

I hope he gets a real piano or a genuine electric one on the other dates. It sounded great, but it was small, and one of those appear-to-be-acoustic ones (I see them like an el-guitar that sounds like an acoustic guitar). In my opinion it should be acoustic, OR an electric one like the old Yamaha he used.

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