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Where: Lancaster, Pennsylvania (American Music Theatre)
When: May 6, 2005
Written by: Bill Taylor, Don Gervasi, Virginia and Elaine Cole

Set list:

1) Roll Over Beethoven
2) Over The Rainbow
3) Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
4) You Win Again
5) Sweet Little Sixteen
6) No Headstone On My Grave
7) Johnny B. Goode
8) You Belong To Me
9) Before The Night Is Over
10) She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
11) Chantilly Lace
12) Trouble In Mind
13) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
14) Great Balls Of Fire

 Jerry Lee Lewis in Lancaster
Picture: Kay Martin

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Jerry & fans for backstage pictures.

Bill T.:

The band arrived first, we chatted with BB Cunningham, Kenny Lovelace ,Robert Hall and Buck Hutcheson, then Jerry Lee rolled in with JW Whitten in tow. Jerry really had a bounce in his step, he was really full of life, better than I've seen him for a long time.

The band warmed up, BB and Ken did the sound check and we waited until the opening act (a comic) did his thing. Then here came the "MEMPHIS BEATS" as Kenny introduced them. Kenny did Columbus Stockade Blues, and before the end of it, here came Jerry Lee, literally bouncing onto the stage, no slow, shuffle, stiff walk or the like. He sat down and went into Roll Over Beethoven, then some stage banter, several jokes to the audience, and on with the show. During Trouble In Mind the backdrop became a world of soft blue stars, like a very pretty starry night.

I've not seen Jerry this "on" for a long time. He was simply "alive" smiling, talking, great vocals and superb playing, The sound was great, the house was packed, he had a glint to him last night. All I heard were words of awe. People couldn't believe that he could still "hang it in" the way he did! No Headstone was a great track, shoot, they all were! I'm ready for Amsterdam!!!!

Can't say enough about how superb Jerry and the band was!!TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

Don Gervasi:

It was excellent. Jerry and the band played for an hour, from 9 to 10pm. Kenny sang one song and Jerry came out, walking lively and jauntily. Jerry was in great spirits, laughing and joking with the audience. He played like fire. Kenny also played some wonderful licks, especially on WLSGO. Kenny's and Jerry's licks melded well. Buck, BB and Robert played great too. The whole band was cookin'. From where I was sitting, in the center of the auditorium, the volume on the piano was way too low even after Jerry had things adjusted. Jerry's vocals were nice and strong though.

When Jerry got to WLSGO the enthusiastic sold out 2000 people plus audience unanimously stood up cheering and gave him a standing ovation. We had a great time. And as I'm sure you know, a great part of the fun is meeting and socializing with other friends and fans. And to you all, thanks, we had a lot of fun.


So - I have finally gotten to see Jerry Lee Lewis in person! More than worth the wait, and in any case the "wait" has not been bad, I've learned more and gotten to know more Yahoo! Forum members.

To me who has seen JLL only on videos and photos, he looked absolutely the best I have seen him since the 90s, healthy and strong and, most important, unquestionably in a happy, relaxed mood. Overall he seemed merry throughout, something I've glimpsed in photos - like at the Grammy Awards - but not seen on film. ( I have seen him in good moods but not this exact one.) I definitely felt he was relating to us - the audience - as people he was nothing but happy to see/ be with.

Voice and piano-playing very strong and overwhelmingly exciting to me. Compared for example to how he was on that Willie Nelson thing - I would say there is almost no comparison, on Friday you had no doubt about his powers, his authority, or his control, on the Willie Nelson thing I worried about him a little.

Emotional high points for me - Over the Rainbow, which I had not yet heard him sing and wanted to - great depth of complex emotion; She Even Woke Me Up, which I've hard a billion times - his  performance released a wave of sadness you'd expect to be visible, it was so strong and precise. And then all the rocking things, so great to experience that world-shaking power first-hand.

And then it was great to spend time with other fans, gathered through the forum or by Kay Martin. Including Kay's brother, who was lit up like a roman candle before he left for home Friday night.


Elaine Cole:

Jerry Lee was fantastic and boy can his hands go. This was my first concert and I was in complete awe of the man. I thought he looked great and sounded awesome. Jerry did fix the piano problem and I could hear it very well. He was in very good spirits and did a little joking around. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I look forward to seeing him again in person. Seeing him in person is much, much, much better than seeing him on t.v., video, or in pictures. His band was really good also and I really enjoyed hearing Kenny sing. I could have watched him play that piano all night long. I was so wound up after the concert as his music always seems to give me a burst of energy, but it gave me more of a boost in person.

My other highlight of the trip was meeting Kay Martin and everyone and  spending some time getting to know them. I look forward to seeing them all again sometime. It was a fantastic weekend and I want to say Hi to everyone that was there.



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