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Where: London (Royal Festival Hall)
When: July 2, 2004

Set list:

1) Proud Mary
2) Drinkin'  Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
3) She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
4) Lucille
5) Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave
6) Chantilly Lace
7) High School Confidential
8) Rockin' My Life Away
9) Mean Woman Blues
10) Kansas City
11) What'd I Say
12) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
13) Great Balls Of Fire


Jerry Lee Lewis in London
Picture: Richard Harvey
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Peter Checksfield:
Jerry ROCKED!!! 'High School Confidential' & 'What'd I Say' were my requests....great atmosphere with people crowding round the stage Star-Club style!!!

Tony Papard:

It was truly an amazing show. Jerry looked good, and was in a genial mood. He wasn't happy with the sound monitors at the beginning, and when he walked off suddenly in the middle of Lucille we thought that might be it. But after Kenny got the sound right (they'd already changed Jerry's microphone), Jerry came back and picked up Lucille where he left off. He later apologized saying he didn't want to cause a scene but he couldn't play and sing properly when he couldn't hear the monitor.

Highlights for me were She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye, with that great piano solo, and the requests Jerry responded to such as High School Confidential for Peter, Mean Woman Blues which someone else requested. Kansas City was a real surprise, as was Proud Mary.

During Mean Woman Blues some girls started dancing at the front of the auditorium, and Jerry looked at one of them and said: 'Shake it, baby!' After this it was pandemonium as gradually more and more dancers moved to the front of the auditorium, and then loads of people were standing round the front of the stage cheering Jerry on.

He really looked and sounded good, and I can't wait for the other shows I'm going to see.

Chuck Berry looked good, but to be honest I got bored with his set half way thru. Not the best show I've seen him do, although the audience were all at the front of the stage and seemed to be enjoying it after Jerry Lee had warmed them up and got things cooking! We even got some poetry again from Chuck whilst someone tuned his guitar towards the end of his set. He said he didn't want to play with an out of tune guitar, but it doesn't seem to have worried Chuck for the last 20 years or so. I certainly won't sit thru his act 3 more times.

But overall a great show - 50 minutes from Jerry Lee. Chuck played for about 64 though this included a lot of messing about.

Tim Tooher:
I think tonight's gig might have been as good as any of Jerry's shows I've ever seen. He seemed really sharp and on the ball. I don't think I've ever seen him so relaxed yet so focused before tonight. The only complaint I'd have is that it had to end. Tonight was proof positive that Jerry is still a vital and relevant performer.



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