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Where: Lyon - Villeurbanne (Transbordeur)
When: June 30, 2005
Written by: Joerg Basler and Pierre Pennone

Set list:

1) Roll Over Beethoven
2) C.C. Rider
3) Mexicali Rose
4) Chantilly Lace
5) Over The Rainbow
6) Before The Night Is Over
7) Sweet Little Sixteen
8) No Headstone On My Grave
9) Rockin' My Life Away
10) You Win Again
11) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
12) Great Balls Of Fire

Length: 48 Min.

Jerry and band in Lyon
Picture: Jean-Pierre Haemmerli

Joerg Basler:
The band did their usual songs (Columbus Stockade Blues, Honey Don't, Bye Bye Johnny, Big Boss Man) and it was time for our man. Although he did not as many songs as in Paris, he played really extended versions. And he was in a talking mood in between songs, joking throughout the concert. At the beginning he asked the audience for requests and Pierre Pennone shouted the loudest, guess what: Mexicali Rose! And we got it. Another time Pierre shouted Old Black Joe and Jerry┬  replied: "That goes way back to my drinking days!"

At one time Jerry asked us: "it is so quite, are you preaching?" But the thing was, that Jerry really talked a lot  and everybody was trying to understand him (which is not an easy thing these days) and therefore it became always very quite between the songs.

All in all a great show and Jerry was in an excellent mood and the people liked it.

The first greeting was: "Welcome in Clayton, Louisiana!...Kenny, in what city we are in?" And before┬ Kenny could answer him, the Killer went on: "Do you really think I forgot in which city we are in. Hello Lyon, France." He even built it in in the song You Win Again.

Lastly: What do you think about this: After WLSGO he looked at his watch and nodded something like "We're on time" and went straight into GBOF. Or is it just coincidentally that so far all shows have finished at around 45 minutes?

Pierre Pennone:
Kenny and the boys were very elegant in their black suits and did a nice show, "Honey Don't" by Robert was a surprise as was "Big Boss Man" by Buck. Before Buck did his number Kenny was going to do "My Babe" and then changed his mind and pass the "spotlight" to Buck.

After those four songs, Jerry came on stage in a red "burgundy" sweater shirt, dark trousers and shinny boots. Needless to repeat that he looks "fragile" off stage but changes completely when sitting at his piano. Piano playing was superb and his voice was strong. The show was about 45 minutes. The sound was excellent. I was on stage near the sound engineer (he asked me to help him if Jerry was complaining because he couldn't understand what he said, but Jerry only made a smiling remark to Kenny about his speaker being not loud enough, so all was alright). Those in the hall seemed satisfied with the sound. The atmosphere was interesting, the crowd was packed on front of the stage, very warm and appreciative but very quiet between numbers trying to understand Jerry's remarks and jokes (he talked more than usual), I think Jerry appreciated this attitude, at least I did.

After Roll Over Beethoven, Jerry said a few words "Happy to be in Ferriday, Louisiana", then he turned to Ken saying loudly "where are we?" but before Kenny could reply, he said "I know where we are ... Lyon, France". He then made a remark about "beautiful girls in France". He then did C.C. Rider with some good "blues" guitar licks from Buck. After that he asked if there was a request and I was fast asking for "Mexicali Rose" which I shouted clear and loud. So he did it like he did it for me exactly 25 years ago at the same place. Later on I asked for "Old Black Joe" (sorry Kay...), he heard me but said "this is very old, I don't remember the words, it takes me back to my drinking days!" and he didn't do it. Very often he turned to Kenny to ask what he should do next, first time without surprise Kenny suggested "Chantilly Lace", latter he suggested "Rockin' my life away" which was done at an incredible fast tempo, it was so fast that he had to stop it abruptly. As I said, he talked and looked like he enjoyed himself. "You Win Again" was superb like usual (my favourite country song, even after hearing it a thousand times).

The place was pleasant, they had good air conditioning and my fears were wrong. It was very cool in the audience as on stage, so Jerry had no heat problem at all. He came on stage with a bottle of Coke, but asked latter for a Seven Up. He hit the keyboard once with his boot and made a remark that he was happy he could do it. He kicked the stool like the usual at the end of a short version of GBOF. He went straight from the stage to the car back to his hotel room.

Overall it was a great time. Needless to say that the highlight for me was "Mexicali Rose", but it was really a superb version (just missed the slow part at the beginning. It is unbelievable for old guys like me to still have a chance to see Jerry. 25 years ago when he played in Lyon, I thought he would not survive Elvis more than 2 or 3 years, and he still plays for the enjoyment of audiences around the world. Hat off!



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