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Where: Memphis, Tennesee (Beale Street Music Festival)
When: May 6, 2006
Written by: Emma Connolly

Set list:

1)  Roll Over Beethoven
2)  You Win Again
3)  Sweet Little Sixteen
4)  Georgia On My Mind
5)  Chantilly Lace
6)  She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
7) Before The Night Is Over
8) You Belong To Me
9) Me And Bobby McGee
10) Great Balls Of Fire
11) Johnny B. Goode
12) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Was a great set, would have been even better if the organisers had informed people of the change to the programme, as they didn't change their leaflets so a number of people missed Jerry Lee... :( Lots of younger people really keen to see him, which was great. The guy who played JLL in Walk the Line was watching side-stage and Kenny intro-ed him at the start of the show. I think we shouldn't underestimate the impact of this movie for Jerry.

Jerry was looking definitely frailer than when I last saw him - but that was 7 years ago. He did a great set though, long versions of the songs, good-humoured chit-chat inbetween (including a very sad little intro to 'She Even Woke Me Up', saying it was an appropriate song for him... Awwwwwww... but don't worry Jerry, I'm there for you :D) He also joked about the possibility of finding someone 'before the night was over', and the slim chances - and then went on to say something about strip poker, which I'm sure would have been intreguing if I could have understood what he said...

I managed to get right at the front of the barrier and had a great view. I think he ended a little sooner than he might have had it not been raining and everyone, including him, freezing - he made a comment about how cold his hands were, and how he couldn't get them to move as fast as he wanted, and before WLSGO, he made another comment to the band about being tired of freezing...

Kenny prompted him to do a song from the new album, and he promoted it with a little JLL humour, saying that it 'really would be' in September, and he wasn't just saying that ;).

Tradition was upheld as he played Chantilly Lace for my request - which I hadn't been expecting him to do - only requested it after Georgia, but I'd been smiling and clapping and cheering and generally flirting from the front row so I guess it paid off :D His sight may not be what it used to be, but his woman-radar is still intact, I think ;)

A great night all in all, people seemed much more impressed with JLL's set than Little Richard's - more 'soul' in Jerry Lee's. And he really does seem to be picking up a younger following. Fantastic. Oh, and the band was tight, and everyone looked great, Jerry in nice black jeans with suit jacket and white patterened shirt.

No cameras were allowed, so no pix from me unfortunately, though people were filming (media) and I saw some of the public had snuck in cameras, so perhaps some will appear.

Emma - muddied but glorious



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