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Where: Perthshire, Scotland (Gleneagles Hotel)
When: February 21th, 2004
Written by: Graham Knight and Kay Martin

Jerry strode on stage at 10.39 pm to a great standing acclamation from the audience. He was wearing a sharp black business-like suit with a red shirt. He looked like a million dollars and acknowledged the standing ovation saying, "It is great to be back in Scotland. Everyone here has been very nice to me and you have a beautiful country." There was then another standing ovation. Jerry again said, "It is great pleasure to be here to play for my fans and what a beautiful hotel this is."

He started out by saying he was really hoarse and that his throat was sore. Nevertheless, he sounded in good voice when he started into "Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" before launching into "Over The Rainbow" and during this number he said, "Kenneth, let me hear that fiddle." He then did a joking "false" start to "Great Balls of Fire" and sang one line in falsetto, to show how his throat was feeling.

Like the previous night, Jerry did a five-minute version of  "Hadacol Boogie" during which Jimmy Ripp played some truly amazing blues riffs that had Jerry looking over at him in amazement. Jimmy is a truly talented guitarist and adds a new dimension to the band.  In the middle, Jerry included a line or two from "Mean Woman Blues." At 10.58 Jerry started "CC Rider" and Kenneth again picked the fiddle and played some great fiddle - just like he used to and Jerry seemed to appreciate the sound from behind him.

A short version of The Hawk's "In The Mood" followed a pile-driving version of "Chantilly Lace," during which Robert excelled on the drums and B.B. thrummed on the bass. Jerry coughed during this number.  After he finished it, he took his first drink of the evening and announced to the amusement of the crowd that it was "Apple juice".

As on the previous night, Jerry did a long version of "Blues at Midnight" which segued into "Blues Stay Away From Me."  Again Jerry got Jimmy Ripp to take some extended solos that themselves drew applause from the appreciative audience. Jerry asked Bill Strom to take a solo on this number, and he really sounded wonderful. 

The first Chuck Berry composition of the night to get the Lewis treatment was "Sweet Little Sixteen" and Jerry followed this with a great fast version of "Mexicali Rose." At this point Jerry looked fine and responded to many shouted requests from the audience for "You Win Again."  This number got the full Jerry Lee treatment with extended solos and sound just as good as it has always done. He ended it by saying "I love you still - not too still."

After the number finished, Jerry put his hand to his throat and appeared to be in some difficulty. Jerry looked uncomfortable and said "There will now be a short intermission."  He stood up holding onto the piano lid and the stool fell over, which was not part of the show. Jerry was definitely not feeling well and he was helped offstage by Phoebe. The crowd gave Jerry a standing ovation as he left; they were with him all the way! After sitting in a side room for a short time, he decided to go up to his room and to bed, rather than over-extend himself tonight.

Jerry had been on stage for 46 minutes - more than twice the time he used to do back in the sixties. During the 13 numbers he did, Jerry sounded really good and his piano playing was quite astounding. All the old power and drive were there.  Hoping that rest and medicinal throat spray will help The Killer feel more like himself by Tuesday in Glasgow.  Looking forward to it. Throughout the show Jerry kept his jacket on and the room was exceptionally hot. Perhaps for the rest of the tour he should throw away his jacket in true Jerry Lee style after the first number.

Jerry is looking happier than he has done in ages and is obviously enjoying doing this tour. It is a pity that once again, he has "Overshot The Runway," but we all know that he goes that extra mile in Europe for his loyal fans.


The morning after the show Graham Knight reported that Jerry is fine now. He has three days to fully recuperate before the next show on February 24th in Glasgow.


Where: Perthshire, Scotland (Gleneagles Hotel)
When: February 20th, 2004
Written by: Graham Knight

Jerry went on stage at 10.40 and as soon as he appeared the whole audience stood to acclaim him. Jerry acknowledged the response from the crowd and sat down at the 7 foot long Yamaha piano and launched into a great version of "Trouble In Mind". At the end of the number he said it was good to be back in Scotland and said he had been away too long. Personalities from Scotland's leading football teams and Snooker ace Stewart Hendry were among the famous faces paying 299 pounds (540 dollars) to see the first night of the "Generations Tour 2004". Kenneth and the band were augmented by the addition of Jimmy Ripp who played some devastating solos. Several record company executives were there and two were keen to record Jerry. He said, "If you've got the money - I've got the time".

The second number was "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee".  Then came a surprising long instrumental of "In The Mood", that had several young ladies dancing in front of Jerry. Jerry told them "You dance very sexily - I feel my socks rolling down!". Then it was "Georgia", followed by "Mean Woman Blues" in response to requests in the dressing room from Terry and me.

The numbers that followed were "Jealous Heart", a long 9 minute version of "Blues at Midnight" that featured great swoops on the keyboard from Jerry and some sensational solo from Jimmy Ripp.  Jerry praised Jimmy Ripp for producing the new "Old Glory" album and several times deferred to Jimmy "To make him work". During the number Jerry invited longtime fan Rob Swinnerton up on stage to shake his hand! He then played a few licks in Chet Atkins style and Jerry remarked "He was ok at what he did but he didn't have the staying power and keeled over. I am still here". This got a great cheer and the songs just kept on coming: Mexicali Rose, CC Rider with Kenneth on the fiddle!

Then Jerry said he was "glad to be a free man again. I can do what I want. Free as the breeze do what I please." Then another surprise: Jerry did "Hadicol Boogie" and even included "wrap it up and I'll take it" in the words. "Chantilly Lace" came next and Barry Gamblin shouted for "Ubangi Stomp". Jerry said "That's a good one!",  but instead of doing the number he invited Blondell up on stage and they reprised the duet they did in Memphis a couple of years ago singing "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", then both continued with a duet on "Great Balls of Fire". Jerry spoke about John Lennon saying it was the greatest record ever made and he agreed with him!

Being in Scotland, I expected Jerry to sing "My Bonnie" and he did! He then reprised another very different version of "Blues at Midnight". He then took a request from me for "What D' I Say" and he did a great version.

The time was now midnight and Jerry had been on stage for 1 hour and 20 minutes when he went into "Down The Line" and followed it with a great performance of "I'll Sail My Ship Alone". Then it was "Before the Night is Over", "Mr Sandman". And "Me and Bobby McGee". The last being a powerful rendition complete with all the proper changes. The last number was "Whole Lotta Shakin'" and Jerry left the stage at 12.15 to another standing ovation.

Quite a night altogether and a great start to the tour

Jerry at Gleneagles
Picture: Rolf Bresser
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Terry, Barrie, TEX and myself were invited to Jerry's room after the  show. I am pleased to report that Jerry is in excellent health, and he is very happy with life in general. He is pleased with the new album and can't wait for it to be released! He is like us!

For two and a half hours the five of us have been talking and Jerry has been playing the piano almost non-stop.  Mainly old Jolson numbers and songs from the 40's plus some great spirited renditions of gospel songs. He played numerous songs that we suggested.


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