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Where: Portsmouth, England (the Guildhall)
When: July 6, 2004
Written by: Tony Papard

Jerry did 35 minutes. He looked very well, and much younger than even on his last tour. I had a very good seat right in front of the piano in second row. Jerry wore a red short-slevved shirt, no jacket.

The audience was more subdued than at the Festival Hall. No dancing or standing down the front for either Jerry or Chuck (though I had to leave halfway thru Chuck's act to catch the train). But the security wouldn't have allowed it anyway - they were even trying to stop people taking flash pictures. I took several when they weren't looking.

Set was as follows: Drinkin' Wine, Trouble In Mind (after which Jerry said he'd played pianos all over the world, but this one in Portsmouth - an old Steinway - was 'the worst' he'd ever played!), Crazy Arms (good version), Before The Night Is Over, Mexicali Rose (fast version - very good. After this he complained that the sound had been turned down, saying the trouble is everyone - meaning the sound engineers - think they're Sam Phillips), Georgia, Boogie Woogie Country Man, Chantilly Lace, Whole Lotta Shakin'.

We then expected the finale, but people shouted out requests for Mean Woman Blues and Breathless. 'I can't do them all at once' Jerry said, so he did a good version of Mean Woman Blues, similar to RFH on Friday. Then it really was Great Balls of Fire done more or less movie style. No foot on the keyboard this time (unless I missed it), but a good show.


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