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Short comments on the UK /Netherlands tour
When: February 20th - March 1st, 2004

pictures by Kay Martin

Barrie Gamblin:
It's been a great tour. I've enjoyed every moment of it from the two Gleneagles shows to Manchester. Everyone agrees.

Terry Adams:
I'd just like to say it's just like the old days for me. Jerry Lee's singing and playing as only Jerry Lee can! Roll on the next tour in the UK.

Colin Phillips:
Jerry Lee Lewis back in the UK on top form!

Bob Mead:
I thought Jerry's voice was stronger, and I've heard him for a very long time. He played fuller numbers, with lots of instrumental breaks and vocals.

Kay Martin:
The show in Manchester was the best one I've seen in years! It was HOT HOT HOT! Here in the UK, the people I've met in the street, on the tram, in and outside the theater are fans who've been around forever and keep coming back. Everyone was just SO THRILLED to see Jerry and agreed with me that this was the best show on this tour.

Chris Davies:
Jerry is playing with more energy and drive on this tour than he has done for years. The man is really enjoying himself and he is really into the music!!

Jonny Williams:
Jerry Lee was on splendid form at Newcastle. He looked good, the band sounded great, Jerry for me was in brilliant voice, the piano was great. In summing up, Jerry put on a fantastic show ....but only do thirty minutes was pitiful!

Craig MacKenzie:
Well, this week has been my absolute ambition in life to see Jerry Lee again, after the last time I saw him in Memphis, but, as usual, he surpasses all my expectations. He's looking SO well! Age never diminishes, no matter what. Every time, he just blows me away. I'm hoping he'll be back soon, of course. I could go on forever about Jerry..... the greatest talent to have ever walked this planet. Absolutely.

Scott Doran:
Tonight I have seen and witnessed the greatest show in my life, Jerry Lee Lewis live at the Manchester Apollo. Jerry tonight played with loads of energy and was in very good form. I am told this is the best show of the tour and I'm proud and honoured to have been there. At Blackpool was the first time I've seen Jerry Lee. I now know that the guy I have heard on all my recordings really and truly is a legend.

Paul Leadbitter:
Although not very long, that was the best quality I have ever experienced live by JLL - vocals and piano.

I was at Blackpool and the show was unbelievably good. This was a view shared by all the people I spoke to afterwards: young, old, veterans of shows and newcomers. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself to the full. He just blew everyone away. Whilst a few people I've spoken to have commented on the length of the shows, they have all said that the quality has made up for it.

Peter Checksfield:
That version of 'She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye' in Manchester is one of the highlights of all the 33 JLL shows I've seen since 1980! What a vocal, & what a fantastic PIANO SOLO too!!!


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