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Where: Divonne, France (Casino de Divonne)
When: October 9, 2004
Written by:
Joerg Basler

Set list:

1) Roll over Beethoven
2) You Win Again
3) Before The Night Is Over
(Jerry: “This song will be on my new album. It is a great song and a great album that soon will be released. I keep saying that for a year now, but in about 3 months time it will be released.”)
4) No Headstone On My Grave
5) Mexicali Rose
6) She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
7) Sweet Little Sixteen
8) C.C. Rider
9) I Am What I Am
10) Chantilly Lace
11) Little Queenie
12) High School Confidential
13) Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
14) Great Balls Of Fire

Jerry Lee Lewis and Robert Hall in Divonne
Picture: Joerg Basler
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What a show it was!!! The best I’ve seen in years and I even thought I saw a good one in
Lemoore, California in August. But this one was outstanding. 14 songs and at least some of them were rather surprising (to me at least). Jerry was in excellent spirit and joking throughout the concert. Even though at one time he was complaining about the lights, who “burn him into the ground” and later on he was “threaten" the guy on the light “to get some help from audience to fix the problem”.

First, there was a French Blues Band playing for about 30 minutes or so. After that it was Blondell for a 3 song medley and then the band without Jimmy Rip. After 4 songs Jerry came on stage smoking a big white pipe. It was 9.38pm. 10.25pm end!

Again I have to say, it was a fabulous performance by Jerry. The piano play was tight and fast and it really looked like he was enjoying himself. The audience liked it as well and was cheering throughout the concert. After the concert there wasn’t any single soul who was not satisfied. I saw smiling faces all over.

For a split-second I even thought he might give an encore, but he just forgot his pipe, so he went back to the piano to get it…..(still dreaming, I know)

Just look at the song selection as well as the order of play, it should give everyone a hint how great this night was. One guy was telling me that his voice sounded clearer tonight than in Toulouse. Can’t confirm but it sure sounded good to me.




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